Leaked Necron pic.

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Re: Leaked Necron pic.

Postby Kharn » Sat Oct 15, 2011 8:26 am

Oh, The ideas. :lol:
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Re: Leaked Necron pic.

Postby whytwolf » Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:16 pm

Ninja's by Steve...

But here is a link to Dakka Dakka where all the pictures are in one post. :D

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Re: Leaked Necron pic.

Postby Grandmaster marc » Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:58 am

Im crying inside.... they are soo cool! they really have out done them selves with the "Egyptian" look they almost look like tomb kings (god only knows, that conversions from tomb kings will happen.) they remind me of dark eldar with all their skimmers...
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Re: Leaked Necron pic.

Postby orkwarboss » Mon Oct 24, 2011 12:01 pm

teaser video on GWs site. the date at the end is 29-10-11. Yes thats Saturday.
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