Da Last hur-WAAAAGH!!!

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Da Last hur-WAAAAGH!!!

Post by Dez » Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:49 pm

Oi you Gitz!

As some may know, Da Boyz is gonna get an update in the next few months. I been thinking, once it gets closer to the time...should we have a last Waaaagh!!!! in the honor of Phil Kelly and the great book we've had for 6+ years?

Basically my idea is show up with your Orks and we play a huge game, no holds barred! Painted stuff only, even if it's just basic, because I figure it would be a great event to document. Even if you only have a squad of Grots up to a massive Waaaaght that even Ol' Ghaz would be jealous of, bring it!

Don't play Orks, but think it might be fun? Come along! I know I personally have more Orks than I can play at one time, so the more the merrier.

I figure it would be fun to have a center objective all the Boyz are fighting for, and whoever is near it at games end calculates points. Say 1 point per squad. The one with the most points wins!

Perhaps to balance things out (say you only have a squad of Boyz) we introduce infinite reserves. If a unit is wiped off the board, it automatically comes back full strength next turn. This will not apply to superheavies/Lord of War.

IC's that are killed, leave them on their side. On a roll of a 6, they pop back up ready to fight again due to their Cybernetics/Passing Painboy/Power of da Waaagh.

Any other ideas? Who would want to play?

*Just put this in Event Suggestions
What aims do the Orks have? What is the point of a tornado?

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Re: Da Last hur-WAAAAGH!!!

Post by AdamL » Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:57 pm

Oi, sign me up bozz. (I know personally i could bring from 2-4 maybe 3.5k worth of orks. Maybe more if i really wanted to stretch my points with big units of nobs or nobs on bikes.

I think it would be an awesome event to take part with half the board/tables just covered in green!
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