Boarding Planks: A New Default Trukk Upgrade?

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Boarding Planks: A New Default Trukk Upgrade?

Post by Dez » Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:45 am

I've actually been rethinking the Boarding Plank. You can move 12", and make full attacks if you didn't move 12" without leaving the ramshackle safety of your vehicle. One Model Onboard...what if that one model were Ghazkull and the vehicle within 2" is a Land Raider?

Move Trukk 12"> Boarding Plank Ghazzy into Land Raider (Bye Bye, Land Raider), Deploy contents of trukk. Assault whatever was inside. "Oh Hi! My Name is Ghazgull Thraka, here are 7 more PK attacks for you, Assault Terminators. Bye!"

I mean, even a normal Nob with PK and 4 attacks will wreck shop on most vehicles. Then get out and assault what was inside.

To add on to that, it doesn't say WHEN those attacks take place. So EVERY vehicle you pass OR that passes within 2" is subject to Boarding Plank.

Trukk Conga Line.
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Re: Boarding Planks: A New Default Trukk Upgrade?

Post by Rogue » Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:49 pm


... is this true? i never even considered the implications of that. that's brilliant.
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Re: Boarding Planks: A New Default Trukk Upgrade?

Post by Xelloss » Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:35 am

If it says EXACTLY like a charging ork, wouldn't that take place in the assault phase? I ask this because of the wording in the FAQ:

Q: Can an Ork that is attacking an enemy vehicle by
using a boarding plank do so even if his unit fired at a
different target in the Shooting phase? (p93)
A: Yes.

Notice the past tense. It sounds like in order to use the plank, the ork in question can't have left the vehicle.
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