Tyranid Hive Fleet Overview Summuries

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Tyranid Hive Fleet Overview Summuries

Post by oninosweeney » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:46 pm

Here is a quick overview of the fleets so you can easily decide which hive fleet name is best suited for your playing style:

Adaption: Reroll failed Charge rolls.
Strategem: Cause Mortal Wounds on units charged.
Bio-Artifact: Make an additional attack on a 6+ to hit roll.
Warlord Trait: Wound rolls of 6+ causes 1 additional wound.

Adaption: Reroll wound rolls of 1 in the fight phase.
Strategem: Toxin Sacs work on 5+.
Bio-Artifact: Once wounded, gain +1 Toughness.
Warlord Trait: On 4+, enemy units within 1" suffer a Mortal Wound.

Adaption: Reroll hit rolls in melee if you outnumber enemy unit.
Strategem: Replace a destroyed Infantry unit.
Bio-Artifact: The old Deathspitter that lets you reroll wound rolls.
Warlord Trait: The old Regeneration where you roll a die for every wound lost, return one on a 6.

Adaption: Always has cover unless you Advance or charge.
Strategem: When you deep strike snake body units, you may deep strike any other units with them.
Bio-Artifact: Enemy models within 6" have -1 Leadership.
Warlord Trait: Ignore cover from attacks by Warlord of friendly units with 3" of the Warlord.

Adaption: Roll 3d6, keep the highest, when Advancing; also can fall back and charge.
Strategem: Double the number you roll to Advance.
Bio-Artifact: -1 all to hit rolls for ranged weapons against this model.
Warlord Trait: Pick a unit within 6", it can choose to fight first.

Adaption: Reroll 1's to hit in the shooting phase if they did not move.
Strategem: Enemy Psyker may only use one die for psychic tests.
Bio-Artifact: Strangletorn Cannon that ignores Invulnerable saves.
Warlord Trait: Failed psychic tests within 18" suffer d3 Mortal Wounds

Adaption: 6+ Feel No Pain within 6" of Synapse
Strategem: Reroll 1's to hit and wound in melee, but it's kinds of complicated....
Bio-Artifact: Monstrous Bone Swords that have a chance to instant kill Infantry and Bikes.
Warlord Trait: Warlords gets one reroll for almost anything per round.


I'm probably going Hydra since i'm running the 180 Hormagaunts still; not much I'm not outnumbering.
What are you all leaning to for average All Comers lists?

Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.

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