How in the Heck...

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How in the Heck...

Post by Grandmaster marc » Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:40 pm

I have recently started to play 40k again after a few long months. And I have been watching a few snit-bits of battle reports seeing how in this day and age Grey Knights fair against other armies. I was appalled to find how few they were compared to say Tau. I also question the use of Paladin heavy armies because of the lack of mobility. I question how to use them, with out much henchmen or allied support of course.
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Re: How in the Heck...

Post by Typhus » Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:20 pm

GK were great back in 5th edition, they were my main Grand Tournament army, and even early 6th.

Till Riptides came out. Str8 Large Blasts at ap2 obliterate Paladins, Terminators, and pretty much most anything else.

If you want to be competitive with GK, you are going to ally them (or use them as allies).

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