Blood Bowl Week Four (11/03 -- 11/08)

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Blood Bowl Week Four (11/03 -- 11/08)

Postby Kinne » Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:16 pm

Howdy sports fans! Bob Overhausen here with everyone's favorite dull demolisher, Jim Flatnose!

Howdy howdy!

Well, another slow week in the Spike! Magazine offices, folks. We have only a single game to report to you on. It was a bloody one, though. Wouldn't you say, Jim?

Oh yeah, Bob. There were touchdowns. There were injuries. There were tears and cheers!

That's right, Jim. The Philadelfia Eagles squared off against the Karak Eight Peak Piercers. It seems the Eagles decided to take out last week's loss against the Paleskins on the greenskins! With the bright sun blinding their sensitive elven eyes, the Eagles stuck to short passes and punting goblins. The Piercers seemed unable to get any momentum going, and the game was against them right from the start. One of their trolls even ate a goblin instead of hurling him toward the end zone!

Well Bob, you can't expect a big, dumb creature to do what you want. Especially when he hasn't been fed properly!

You'd know more about that than I would, Jim. Anyway, the Eagles managed to shut the Piercers down completely, winning this one, 4 - 0. On top of the that, the Piercers suffered seven casualties, but were unable to take a single Eagle out of the game. Hopefully they can rally and pick it up in their next match. That's all for this week, folks. Here's hoping that next week we'll have more exciting Blood Bowl action to report to you. For Jim Flatnose, this is Bob Overhausen saying "See you on the pitch!"
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Re: Blood Bowl Week Four (11/03 -- 11/08)

Postby Dez » Wed Nov 03, 2010 2:50 pm

Dumb lil grots couldn't krump a weedy panzee....
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