League Rules 2011

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League Rules 2011

Post by Kinne » Wed Sep 22, 2010 12:53 pm

Here are the rules and rule modifications for the 2011 Blood Bowl League. All questions should be directed to the League Commissioner (me).

-- Coaches will create their teams using the standard 1,000,000 crowns
-- Newly created teams MUST number eleven or more players
-- A coach may not fire players if doing so would reduce their roster to fewer than eleven players. Additionally, you may not fire players if your roster already has fewer than eleven players
-- The League Challenges special rule from Page 31 of the Blood Bowl rulebook is in effect
-- The league will use all standard Blood Bowl league rules, with the additions noted below
-- All players are encouraged to read the Blood Bowl rulebook (available for free download from GW)
-- Players are required to complete a Result Sheet after completion of their game (these will be available to download before the league starts, as well as at Off the Wall)
-- While players are limited to one or two valid league games (determined before the league begins) per week, they are allowed and highly encouraged to play additional practice games that will not affect their team in any way

League Challenges
As mentioned above, the League Challenges special rule from page 31 will be in effect. League challenges must be submitted (either in writing or via Private Message) to the League Commissioner by the Monday before the week the challenge is intended for. For example, if you wish to challenge an opponent for Week Three (starts 10/25), you must submit the challenge to the commissioner by Monday, October 23rd.

A New Matchup
Blood Bowl fans love seeing matchups they've never seen before. As such, each time you play against a new opponent (one you have not yet played in the league), each player will earn an additional 10,000 crowns after the game is over.

League Rival
Before the league begins, players will agree upon who will be their league rival. Rivals must be paired up, so, for example, Dez could not have his rival be J, while J has his rival be Ben. Dez and J would have to be league rivals. If players cannot choose their rivals, they will be randomly assigned. Such is the ferocity between the fans of league rivals, that players will roll an additional die (for a total of 3D6) to determine how many fans have come out for the game. Players may also receive the "New Matchup" bonus the first two times they play their rival. Lasly, if players end up playing two games per week, you MUST play your rival twice during the league.

Please keep an eye to this thread for any changes as the league approaches.
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