Strike Team Assassin's Blade

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Strike Team Assassin's Blade

Postby netgeist » Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:00 pm

If one rumor was true, might they all be?

Brother-Sergeant Gustav found himself wondering that while he watched the apothoceries work on his men. Brothers Stepnas and Gideon were badly wounded in the recent fray. Though they suffered some nerve damage and would no doubt be slower to react in assault, they could still hold weapons. Which meant they could still fight.

The presence of an enemy confirmed the first rumor - that a number of commando teams had moved in to the area with unknown intent. When Brother-Sergeant Gustav read the reports and heard the rumor that the enemies sought a Blood Angels relic, he volunteered his team to fight. If a sacred religious icon and a link to the chapter's past were really at stake, he knew that his group, a splinter of the Emperor's Blade Strike Force, would be the ideal candidates to find the item and fight back the enemy. He was not surprised when Strike Force Captain Oligdima agreed.

They hit combat upon planetfall. The first resistance came from a rag-tag group of Imperial Guard attempting to loot the planet. Whether instructed to do so by an overzealous planetary governor or another team fallen to the traitor legions, Gustav knew not. They were targets, plain and simple. And his men responded with the same agression deserved of anyone that stood in their way, motivations be damned.

Gustav knew it wouldn't stop there. Reports of greenskins and rabid space wolves, of tau and tyranid, poured into the vox system of their shuttle.

The Brother-Sergeant smiled. His men loved fighting in such a target-rich environment.

Brother-Sergeant Gustav, Assassin's Blade Leader - Plasma Pistol, Power Fist
Brother Ignacio - Hand flamer
Brother Arondo - Pistol/CCW, Furious Charge
Brother Stepnas - Pistol/CCW, Preferred Enemy (-1 Initiative)
Brother Gideon - Pistol/CCW, Feel No Pain (-1 Initiative)
Brother Templeton - Pistol/CCW
Brother Steinart - Pistol/CCW

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