Hunt Pack Omega

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Hunt Pack Omega

Postby whytwolf » Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:15 am

As another day on Fenris draws to a close, ceremonial fires within “The Fang” soon light the hallowed halls of the Great Packs. Within the hall dedicated for the Great Company of Brygran Longbeard, and in other halls throughout “The Fang”, a solitary figure ascends the plinth normally reserved for the lord of each Company. This enigma, adorned in wolf pelts, a wolf skull helmet, and various talisman and honors holds the office of Wolf Priest, and is personally bestowed by the Company Lord with the responsibility of convening conclaves of all seriousness.

“Hear me brothers and draw near, for I am the Oath Master and I have been commanded by our lord Brygran Longbeard, to convene this conclave for the purposes of bestowing honors upon seven of our valiant brothers. Our Chapter Master and liege, Logan Grimnar has commanded his lords to choose from their great companies, warriors they deem deserving of a great honor, an honor that will take them from our home world in search of individual combat and glory on the field of battle. It is Master Grimnar’s hope that these personal crusades will return our brothers to us, strengthened in mind, body, and prowess.

This honor is not for any ordinary brother, but for those that exemplify and personify what it is to be a Space Wolf; one who has time and again brought honor upon himself, his pack, his company, and most of all, his Lord. To that end, with guidance from his most trusted advisors, our Lord Brygran Longbeard has decreed that brothers: Jace Longtooth, Ulf Longstrider and his steed Tor, Lorn Brownpelt, Hakon, Haegr, Torall, and the one only know by his affliction, Wulfen; are from now and until their return, relieved of their duties to our Company and furthermore are to be known (until their return), as Hunt Pack Omega. As a true test of your survival skills, you are to bring no more supplies than you can carry on your person, and your first mission will be to secure supplies that will sustain you on your journey.

BROTHERS ALL! Raise a flagon to these warriors and bid them a speedy and successful hunt!

May Russ and the All Father protect you and see to your safe return………………”

Hunt Pack Omega
Jace Longtooth: Plasma Gun, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, CCW, grenades, Relentless
Ulf Longstrider and Tor: Thunderwolf, Frost blade, Bolt Pistol, Grenades, Melta-Bombs, Furious Charge
Lorn Brownpelt: Bolt Pistol, CCW, grenades
Wulfen:Bolt Pistol, CCW, grenades , Mark of the Wulfen, Fleet
Hakon: Bolt Pistol, CCW, grenades
Haegr: Bolt Pistol, CCW, grenades
Torall: Bolt Pistol, CCW, grenades
"It is the way of Fenris. We stay as long as we can. We fight as hard as we can. Kill as much as we can. Only when we can do no more, do we move on."

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Re: Hunt Pack Omega

Postby LemonTuesday » Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:01 am

Who was the one who made it off with the objective in our game?

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