Hive Fleet Gremlin

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Hive Fleet Gremlin

Post by Rogue » Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:15 pm

Tyranid Hive commanders did not usually have "elite units". All were expendable, and at the end of the day, all made it into the digestion pit. However, Hivefleet Gremlin was different in so many ways. They preferred to prey on tanks and necrons, and other such non-living mass. They were the Hivefleet that often came last, cleaning up what had been left behind. This is why they had survived for so long. The flesh of the tyranids of Gremlin had taken on a maroon tone, as it was full of rust. And the carapace that protected them was metalic in color, usually gold. Rarely silver.
Hive Commander of Gremlin, the monsterous Trygon had his special team. A small group of warriors that he sent off to take out any base that the fleet could not penetrate normally. They did not have names... they had no language to speak of. They knew each other by sound and by the scars that covered their bodies. They were not made anew each time, like the others. These Warriors had learned to work together, and apart. They could take on most anything that was thrown at them. Backing them up, was one of the zoanthropes. He watched over them, reporting to the Hive commander their positions, and their progress. This small team of 5 tyranids was so unusual, that most of their enemies did not how to handle it. These warriors had grown a keen intelligence and knowledge of their enemies.... Hive fleet Gremlin had learned how to learn. And this special group was the best at it. The finest warriors.... And they are coming.
Hive Fleet Gremlin falls on your head.


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