The Legacy of the Lost Angels

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The Legacy of the Lost Angels

Post by Kharn » Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:29 pm

It was the Battle for Vorax 9, which is a key Stronghold that has long been abandoned by the Ultramarines. With this key Stronghold under the control of the Blood Angels, they will once again grow their army back to the strength it once was before the Fall of the Blood Angels to the Orks led by Skullcrusha.

Chapter Master Herkimer, Dispatched the 1st company Sternguard Veterans led by Sgt. Fenris to clear an area for the Stormravens and dropships to bring down the seige forces to fend off Skullcrusha's forces.

As the area was cleared, Sgt Fenris called for the Forces to arrive at the Rendezvous point. Just as he made the call, a large fireball appeared in the sky which only meant one thing, there ship was destroyed.

Realizing they were now the only remaining squad of the Blood Angels, they knew what they had to do...Destroy the Orks.

The only way they could destroy the Orks one unit at a time. They looked at the layout of the planet and realized there was a Space Hulk still operational hidden in a cave that can be accessed by a hidden entrance in the Stronghold.

The Battle Begins.........
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