Alternative Sisters of Battle

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Alternative Sisters of Battle

Post by Ankaru » Mon Jun 06, 2016 4:07 pm

I just recently bought a few boxes of models from Raging Heroes's Iron Empire line to use as counts as Sisters of Battle. Though for fun, I'm not making them completely like the nuns in space. What I plan is to make these girls an order of 40k Druid equivalents, and their fluff is that they protect maiden worlds and essentially all life. They are a small force so allies are obviously needed. I'm considering Craftworkd Eldar or Harlequins for this role.

As for color scheme, since these are space Druids, I'm going to try and paint their armor plating to look like wood (somehow able to be as strong as power armor...iron bark maybe?) and their clothing is a forest green to accept the nature motif. I haven't yet figured out an army icon yet. Perhaps an acorn with a sword in front of it, symbolizing their violent way of protecting nature.

Anyone have any tips for painting armor to look like wood?
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