For Sale or Trade: Old Warhammer + More

For trading and swapping bitz and minis
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For Sale or Trade: Old Warhammer + More

Post by krag123 » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:26 am

Hello everyone,

I am cleaning out my storage areas and have come across projects of days of old that I never got around too and at this point no longer have a drive to do them. For any of you out there still playing the old warhammer system I have models to expand / add to your armies. These models are not assembled and unpainted

19 Knights
50 Hand gunners (black primer applied)
48 Spearmen
1 Engineer
3 Cannon or Mortars
command staff for units as well
Codex Empire

26 Questor knights
Codex Brinonian

Right now most pieces are off sprue but stored in sorted tackle box storage, piece storage containers will come with the models if you want them as I will not have a need for them once the models are out of my possession.

Make me an offer and lets get these models out of storage and out on the table top battling for a world that no longer exists.


I also have an original GW hard case from 1990 with original foam in tact
A Cadian backpack from the original collectors edition of APOC
a KR carrying case that I got as a door prize this year:

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