2 terrain tables 1 Kill Team size, 1 3x3

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2 terrain tables 1 Kill Team size, 1 3x3

Post by Inquisitor Wall » Sun May 12, 2019 7:00 pm

I simply have too much terrain at the moment so I am trying to consolidate a little. I have 2 ectra tables worth at the moment.
First is an Ice table. 2 large hills, several small hills, 2 large ice pillar bases, 6 small ice pillar bases and 6 trees. I would be happy to make some small area bases for the trees if youd like. Also has a 3x3 vinal ice mat.

Second is a kill team jungle table. Includes a number of large jungle trees, a shiiping container with camo net a pile of crates with camo crate and a large outpost. Roof of the outpost is removable for easy access during game play. Includes an MDF board that is the correct dimensions for kill teams.

Looking for 75.00 each.
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