40K Stuff for sale

For trading and swapping bitz and minis
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40K Stuff for sale

Post by whytwolf » Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:28 pm

Hello All,

Looking to sell the following 40K items:

New In Box
Tau Devilfish: $25
Tau Infiltration Cadre:$75
Razorback: $30
Rhino: $25
Wolf Guard Terminators: $35
Drop Pod: $25
Space Marine Scouts/Sniper Rifles:$15
Imperial Defense Line:30
Imperial Bunker:$25
Imperial Defense Emplacement:$20
Shrine of the Aquila:$30
Defenders of Ultramar Graphic Novel: $10
Only War Graphic Novel: $15
Imperial Strongpoint: $100 (opened and some build primed)
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