Selling everything !!!

For trading and swapping bitz and minis
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Selling everything !!!

Post by Rhich » Sun May 13, 2018 6:22 pm

I can't afford a race car and 40K so everything is going.

Tau Tidewall - The big set (magnitized and LED) needs to be finished - $100
Tau suites - The new style 3 partially built, three one sprue (from the getting started set) three NIB - $125 (9 total)
Tau Barracuda - FW 1st gen - partially assembled -aluminum tapered stem & base - $80
Tau Riptide - Built - needs paint - magnitized - $40 (two more to be listed later)
Tau Stormsurge w/ arm kit and closed cockpit kit.. Only legs started... $100
Chexex dice Bork'an sept for 6 (still in original bag from Chexex)
* a lot more to be listed shortly. Ten years of collecting Tau.
If it's Tau I have it.

Battlefoam 1520 XL bag *New with standard marine load out. Also has dice pouch and Ipad pouch - $150
GW Apoc Vortex Grenade case Brand new, never plucked *No longer aval from GW (Huge) - $125

Black Templar Battle Force box set *New opened only - $100. All my Black Templar will be coming up for sale.
If it's Black Templar I have it.
StromRaven w/ Chapter house kit 1/4 started, LED in wings, comes with LED parts to finish - $65
Storm Talon w/kit bash, four engines and wings *needs final touches - $40
Drop pod w/center orb changed to color changing LED -$35
Land Rader Crusader w/LED's and Bluetooth (speaker built into underside) $50
Land Raider Achilles - $50
Damocles Command Rhino - $35

A bag of the original "131" dice (the orange ones) 50 or so + pouch $ offer
(if your a dice collector I also have the Battle for the shrine dice 2010, 2011 & 2012)

30K Imperial fists stuff... most airbrushed yellow and shaded but not highlighted and detailed the marines are from the three boxes of Betrayal of Calth sets I bought but also include FW upgrades and FW Imperial Fist decal set. These are on GW 32mm Imperial Sector bases. I also have Siggy (started) and Polux (started) Depending on what gets purchased I will supply all paints used during painting of these.
Deimos Pattern Whirlwind - $35

Death WatchWhat is included:
1-Watch Captain Artemis
1- Rhino/Razor back
1- Venerable dred
1-Kill Team Cassius
All death Watch from Death Masque & The Death Watch "Start collecting" set + few additional terminators and marines .
*Also includes all the extra bits from the sets and one additional Death Watch upgrade
Most are based, bases weighted (I hate it when they fall over) most partially assembled, painting started to high table top quality. Also a few of the original Death Watch mini's with metal bits (I acquired these used) will be included. - $125

* I have a ton of stuff I'll be going through, new 1/2 built, built and on sprue... if your looking for something in particular I probably have it.
Also will be selling paint pots which I have 100's new and Vallejo air. I have GW brushes new(ask) tools, bits I will be selling everything... If you need a bit I have tons and tons of that too...
Dremil tool $99 at Home Depot -$25
Meet up at OTW is probably best but I won't drive my Rover that gets 10 miles to the gallon for a $5 sale.. make it worth your while & mine.
Not looking for trades unless you have Saab car parts.
Respond via forums or shoot me an email at
EVERYTHING IS GOING and I will gladly provide pictures of interest.
Peace Through Superior Firepower

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