H:40k/30k/paypal W:30k/40k/bits

For trading and swapping bitz and minis
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H:40k/30k/paypal W:30k/40k/bits

Postby orkwarboss » Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:43 pm

H:40k/30k/paypal W:30k/40k/bits

In about 4 weeks, I will be laid up with some surgery. Rather than pull a Denis Leary and watch ‘Caroline in the City’, I’m looking to get working on some very overdue/new 40k projects. I would like to have trades completed by September 6.



30k complete tact NOS from Calth
NOS Watch Captain Artemis
All gaming items (dice, rules, game boards etc) from Calth. Never used.
2 sets of all the non DA pads from the 5 man kill team Deathwatch set
Some Paypal

1 NOS multi part Primaris Intercessors w/bolt rifle [I do not care which pose or helmet head I get. Its for a conversion project]
30k NOS Tartaros Terminators
NOS Sternguard Veteran Squad
NOS Primaris Chaplain
9 DA pads from the Deathwatch sets.
Lion El’ Johnson – This one is an oldie but a goodie. Turns out he was a poet from the Victorian era who wrote a poem called ‘The Dark Angel’. He also was rumored to have quite the secret for those times.

Commander_Jay wrote:On the plus side, some of the rules and attacks are hilarious. My Gyrocopter can tilt its rotors and cut through people like a homicidal kitchen blender.

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