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Books and bits

Post by orkwarboss » Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:15 pm

Selling some untouched or unneeded items from my collection. Need $$ for my kid's birthday in October. Please help out.
Rule books:
WM MK1 large and MK2 small 3lb 5oz $25
Gorkamorka 2 book set. Da Roolz and Da Uvver Book, Both not perfect but readable. 1lb 4.3 oz $20 (Eye and Arma sold)

CSM (older)11.3 oz
CSM (last?)14.2 oz
WH 9.4 oz
DH 9.3 oz
Assassins 2.8 oz
Necrons 9.4 oz
IG 9.4 oz
Eldar 7.3 oz
BT 9.5 oz
Daemons 12.5 oz
Tau 9.4 oz
GK 13.4 oz
Each book is $5 each except Tau. That’s a dollar as that’s what I paid from Ben.

40k books:
GK omnibus 1lb 5.7 oz $7
Angel Exterminatus 1 lb 4.3 oz $8

IG Chimera track set NOS 2.6 oz $8
Various Metal bits 15.6 oz $30
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