AoS and models...

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Re: AoS and models...

Postby Kowal » Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:05 am

"Guessing as a skill" also makes it a big barrier of entry for people who are bad at it. That doesn't really even the playing field for people new to the game or who are terrible at guessing ranges.

This is true of literally every determining factor between players of different skill levels. That's a design goal, not a fault of a system. Reward the better player with better results. An even playing field should refer to two players of equal skill having equal opportunities, without squandering the design of a game rewarding a better player with substantially higher chances of winning.

Any other use of the terms "level the playing field" would have to refer to introducing more randomness to the game so that a newcomer doesn't get lit up by someone who knows what they're doing. This means you're (albeit slowly) eliminating the element of player skill being relevant, as the more you tweak your product to cater to a new guy vs veteran scenario the less the game is actually functional for two players of equal skill.
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Re: AoS and models...

Postby Kinne » Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:33 pm

I will say that getting good at guess ranges was definitely a skill, and it could turn the tide of a game. Not only did it determine your ability to charge successfully, but a Dwarf or Empire player who was good at guessing could pick your powerful models apart. I dropped my stone thrower shots right on target more often than not.

And I'm in agreement about adding more randomness to the game. It makes the game more about luck over skill, which I'm not a fan of. Fitzy and I still talk about the 'Arboyz tourney game where he needed three 4+ charge rolls, and failed two of them (leaving a unit of Skavenslaves to fight a unit of Ironbreakers). He maneuvered perfectly, and in a previous edition would have left himself out of my charge range but well within his, but the dice completely screwed him.

Honestly, my two biggest gripes against the new rules are the lack of any balancing factor and the death of the most tactical element - movement. There are no flanks, no arcs of sight, no wheeling, no fleeing from a charge or standing and shooting, no rank bonuses, and so on. The movement style is very 40k - just charge your melee units forward as fast as you can and get into combat. Don't worry about outmaneuvering or actually thinking about movement, just go forward.
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