Spring Painting Contest

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Spring Painting Contest

Post by Inquisitor Wall » Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:44 pm

Hey everyone. We're going to be doing a different kind of Painting Competition for the Auction this year.

Starting on Wednesday April 17th you can stop by Off The Wall and pick up a free Push Fit Primaris Space Marine. You have one month to paint this Marine for the competition which will take place during the Auction on 5/18.

You may not add any bits or modify this model. However, you may use any types of paint, technical paints or basing material you wish. You must, however, use the base the model comes with.

While we will be giving a prize out for the best painted Marine, we will also be giving out other awards. While we will not announce most of these categories, the other two we're going to announce are:

Best Depiction of a Founding Chapter
Best Depiction of a Successor Chaptor (Including Homebrews and new Foundings).

Small hint, remember that Pre-heresy color schemes for Traitor Legions are considered Founding Chapters.

This painting challenge is free, but open only to 131 Members.
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