Infinity Tournament October 20th 2018

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Infinity Tournament October 20th 2018

Post by WildBorr » Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:37 pm

Saturday, October 20th, 2018 I will be hosting an Infinity tournament at Off the Wall games. Registration is $15, the dice roll at noon, registration begins at 11 am. Players are required to show up with 2 copies of each list, including a courtesy list for each as well. All models need to be fully assembled, but painting is not a requirement. LoS arcs need to be marked on your models. If you need assistance with this, please show up early. We will be using ITS Season 9 rules, as it is unclear that the new season 10 packet and secondary objective decks will be readily available in time. The rules for season 9 are as follows:

- Proxies are allowed as long as the model is made by Corvus Belli, is on the correct size base to represent the silhouette, and is clear to your opponent.

- The tournament will be 3 rounds, timed at 2:30 each round. We will be using chess clocks, each player getting 1:15, including deployment. When time runs out, at the end of the current order, the player will no longer have any active turns, but can still ARO as normal.

- Scoring is based on Tournament Points, a Total Victory is worth 3 pts (+5 win), Victory is worth 2 pts (win by 4 or less), Tie is worth 1 pt (no difference), or Loss 0 pts (less pts than opponent). The first tie breaker is Total Objective Points, the second tie breaker is total Victory Points (kill points).

- The event will be mid-tier, which is 300 points, 6 SWC.

- The type of operation is going to be Direction Action Operations - this means they are predominantly offensive focus with high intensity combat. Plan your lists accordingly. The missions will be, in order: Show of Force, Biotechvore, and Decapitation. All scenarios are available in the ITS season 9 packet, I will also provide a packet the day of the tournament.

- In your secondary objective deck, all "Retroengineering" cards are to be replaced with "Kidnapping".

- All TAGs automatically have the Fatality L1 skill at no additional cost.

- A player with only 1 combat group cannot be targeted by a Command Token to reduce the number of Orders by 2 on the first turn.

We will not be using any extra rules for these missions. For prize support, we have a Season 8 prize kit laying around that will be used, as well as store credit given as additional prize support. Pizza will be provided between rounds 1 and 2 and is included in your registry fee. Please notify me of any dietary restrictions, accommodations will be made.

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