Deadzone Tournament - 11/11

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Deadzone Tournament - 11/11

Post by J Rzasa » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:06 pm

The Council Of Seven have just issued a containment protocol for the planet Boreas 4. Bring your strike team, Claim glory, defeat your foes and loot everything you possibly can. Will The deadzone claim you strike team or will you leave victorious? Come and find out at Off The Wall Game's Deadzone Tournament November 11th 2017.

As always, if you're new to the game, inexperienced with Deadzone V2 or have models gathering dust from not being used I encourage you to come to this tournament. New players are always welcome and it's a good way to get a few games under your belt.

The rules for this tournament are as follows:

Registration starting at 11, Dice roll noon.
15.00 entry, Pizza Included with your entry
200 points
No Secret Missions
3 predetermined missions from the main rulebook
90 minute rounds With a break between rounds 1 - 2 For lunch and voting for the painting prize
Mercs are NOT allowed
1 list for all 3 games
Veermyn 2.0 beta lists ARE allowed.
You can use elite lists and options from the supplements.
The tournament will be scored and paired by W/T/L record, then total points as a tie breaker and finally non kill objective points as a secondary tie breaker.

Now the good stuff:
Prize Support.
1st place:
OTW Gift certificate
2nd Place :
OTW gift certificate
3rd Place:
OTW gift certificate
Painting Prize:
OTW Gift Certifi
Consolation Prize:
One shiny unpunched soda card.

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