Dark Age Escalation League Round 1 record hobby posting

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Dark Age Escalation League Round 1 record hobby posting

Post by CodenameDan » Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:32 pm

Hey All,
To post your hobby progress I need, What Session we're in, Your name, faction, Models you're declaring, Before and after pictures, and total HP gained. You'll post that info on your pictures when you post them in in a thread below.
This is the rubric for scoring Hobby points:
Basing / finishing previously started models - 1 HP
Building a model of any size - 1 HP
Painting to completion:
30 mm - 2 HP
40 mm - 3 HP
50 mm - 4 HP
80 mm - 5 HP
Characters - 6 HP
And the total HP gained from thses.

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