Dark Age Escalation League Participants

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Dark Age Escalation League Participants

Post by CodenameDan » Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:12 pm

Hey all,
As of this very moment here are the players for the Dark Age Escalation League. It's a good group with a really solid size pool of players to choose from. Any one who wants to join still can. The league starts Saturday so the cutoff is then.

Your competition for the titles of Warlord of Samaria (total CP) and Standard Bearer (total HP) Is as follows:

Storrs Start - Dragyri Ice
Keith Hart - Dragyri Shadow Caste
Natasha Wall - Dragyri Air Caste
Dan Start - Kukulkani
Jacob Tuskan Cline - Dragyri Shadow Caste
Steve Bour - Brood
Christopher Start - Prevailers
J Rzasa / Offerman DeWall - Ice Caste
Andrew Campbell - Saint Luke
Joseph Demastrie - TBD
Dillon Woods - CORE
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