Deadzone TSOPS: Results and Observations

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Deadzone TSOPS: Results and Observations

Postby CodenameDan » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:00 am

Hey Everyone,
These are the final Standings for the Deadzone league. So as you can imagine There was a few issues with calculating these standings as there was a lot of stuff that happened during this league that was detrimental to games getting played. Also There was a significant lack of results being posted especially towards the end of the league.That being said I know most of you did significantly better than the results I'm going to post but unfortunately I don't remember everyone's games that aren't posted so it wouldn't be fair for me add the ones I remember and omit the ones I don't. I discovered I'm guilty of It too.

Thank you All Very Very Much for participating in this and letting me run this for you guys. First and foremost let me say this did not go as I planned in terms of a fluff based campaign. I ambitiously tried to infuse some non generic flavor into this and It needed some adjustments that were previously unforeseen. Some things that were very clear were how amazingly biased the Campaign Supplements are towards 2 players and the listed factions vs a group with varied factions. That was a huge oversight in which the veermyn players got had hard from. Another issue was weather. Fuck weather. I personally either forgot about it completely or rolled the first turn then never again. So that was an unnecessary hot mess. Cool in Theory, not so much in application. I sincerely apologize for week 3. The brood mother was Absolute Garbage for most of you. What I should've done in hindsight was instead of the brood mother you must take your most expensive leader in her place. That would've solved a ton of problems that again were unnecessary. Another Major Issue that was cool in theory but not in application was challenge scenarios. I enjoyed the fact that they added a curve ball to the game, However they unbalanced the game way to much and they favored one side hardcore. My take away from the supplements is this: The missions add a bit of flavor that as a fluff guy I enjoy. What would need to happen though is is that they'd have to be tweaked away from the supplement specific rules and into the main rule book rules. Which would get pretty messy pretty fast. so for that reason I think the supplements are not a thing we'll be using in the future. However I do have a few alternate mission/scenario packs that follow an over arching story that are built to be used with the Deadzone V2 main rulebook. In the future we may go that route to add something different in.

So on our gaming groups end some things I noticed need to be adjusted. 2. Week. Sessions. There's no way around that. It's easier on everyone and it makes more sense, just because it does. In the future all Campaigns that I run will be in 2 week increments form now on. My reluctantly this time was this is ultimately my second league/campaign I've run. I've run a ton of tournaments which are short and sweet and was concerned about a Lengthy campaign that prohibits you guys from playing in other leagues discourages other leagues form being run at the same time due to mixed player base. looking back I think most campaigns at OTW run on 2 week sessions so it's no big deal. On my end one of the biggest things that was an issue was how much was lost in translation from what I was either saying and what was being perceived like the "Infestation Specific Exploration table" and what I thought you guys knew vs what you actually knew. I was neglectful to the fact we had a bunch of new players this time around and the issues we had hammered out in the last one weren't a thing most of you were aware of. Which was a problem. It was cool to have an alternate exploration table but confusing as hell to everyone who hadn't already spent 6 weeks figuring out how The original one worked. Also having both exploration tables in the binder was a recipe for disaster I should've been very aware of and wasn't. You have my apologies. Another major, but related issue is that even the veteran Deadzone players were relearning the rules this time around which made it super hard for all of us have a really coherent and complete grasp on the rules. And yes I'm aware, As a Pathfinder it is my Job to know the rules and I do. Along with bits and pieces of the other 10 games I play and I occasionally get them all mixed up. it happens. I'm scatterbrained as fuck and extremely disorganized normally and I tried to do something that required far more prep time than I gave myself apparently. Again, It happens. I'm aware and working on it. Another thing to note as one of the reasons for the general sense of no one knowing what was going on is the lack of Deadzone Support throughout the year. So I talked with the store owners and the my battle plan is this: 1 Deadzone and Dark age tournament every 4 months and 1 league of each each year. that way the rust never fully sets in and we don't get burned out of something we enjoy. I know some of you guys were upset at some of the craziness in the campaign. I'm Keenly aware that while it was fun it wasn't really a good time.I became a Pathfinder to run a game I very much enjoy for a group of my friends and the community we're a part of and without you guys there's no game to run So please, Comment below with your thoughts, suggestions, I'd prefer constructive criticism if you want to leave Criticism and we'll make the future leagues/ campaigns better.

Thanks guys.

Final Standing for the Sack of Priory Station:

Congratulations Pathfinders. Mission Accomplished.

Per the Infestation Campaign Supplement Rules W = 2 CP / L = 1 CP
Pathfinders: Total Reported CP = 42 CP
Dan (Enforcers) = 15 CP
Hilary (Enforcers) = 2 CP
Nate (Marauders) = 4 CP
J (Forge Fathers) = 6 CP
Tony( Asterians) = 8 CP
Dan (Asterians) = 7 CP

Veermyn Total Reported CP = 36 CP
Storrs (Veermyn) = 13 CP
Andrew (Rebs) = 3 CP
Tristan (Forge Fathers) = 7 CP
Anthony (Veermyn) = 3 CP
Alex (Plague) = 2 CP
Jacob (Marauders) = 8 CP

Total Reported Standing: W/L
Pathfinder Total Reported W/L = 16/10
Dan (Enforcers) = 7/1
Hilary (Enforcers) = 0/2
Nate (Marauders) = 1/2
J (Forge Fathers) = 2/2
Tony( Asterians) = 4/0
Dan (Asterians) = 2/3

Veermyn Total Reported W/L = 11/ 12
Storrs (Veermyn) = 4/5
Andrew (Rebs) = 1/1
Tristan (Forge Fathers) = 2/3
Anthony (Veermyn) = 1/1
Alex (Plague) = 0/2
Jacob (Marauders) = 3/2
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Re: Deadzone TSOPS: Results and Observations

Postby fizzledrizzle » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:23 am

I enjoyed the campaign a lot, but as you were saying, everyone was relearning the rules. I was one of those people.

I liked the idea of following the fluff and stuff, but again, like you said, being a non-veermyn player having to take veermyn stuff sucked. (Aka Broodmother)

Either way, it was fun to play in the league and I'm looking forward to the next Deadzone league where I can redeem my Forge Fathers

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