Infinity Tournament February 23rd

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Infinity Tournament February 23rd

Post by WildBorr » Thu Jan 10, 2019 10:58 pm

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019, I will be hosting an Infinity tournament at Off the Wall games. Registration is $15, the dice roll at noon, registration begins at 11 am. Players are required to show up with 2 copies of each list, including a courtesy list for each as well. All models need to be fully assembled, but painting is not a requirement. LoS arcs need to be marked on your models. If you need assistance with this, please show up early. We will be using ITS Season 10 rules. The rules for season 10 are as follows:

- Proxies are allowed as long as the model is made by Corvus Belli, is on the correct size base to represent the silhouette, and is clear to your opponent.

- The tournament will be 3 rounds, timed at 2:30 each round. We will be using chess clocks, each player getting 1:15, including deployment. When time runs out, at the end of the current order, the player will no longer have any active turns, but can still ARO as normal.

- Scoring is based on Tournament Points, a Total Victory is worth 3 pts (+5 win), Victory is worth 2 pts (win by 4 or less), Tie is worth 1 pt (no difference), or Loss 0 pts (less pts than opponent). The first tie breaker is Total Objective Points, the second tie breaker is total Victory Points (kill points).

- The event will be mid-tier, which is 300 points, 6 SWC.

- Any Medium Infantry (MI) is given Forward Deployment L1. Any MI already with the skill is upgraded to Forward Deployment L2.

- Troops possessing AD: Combat Jump do not need to place a template to deploy, they may deploy on any flat surface on the table so long as the full base can fit on the feature, and it is not an interior or covered piece of terrain.

- All Characters also have the Veteran troop classification.

- All TAGs automatically have the Fatality L1 skill at no additional cost.

- A player with only 1 combat group cannot be targeted by a Command Token to reduce the number of Orders by 2 on the first turn.

The missions we will be using are as follows: Highly Classified, Supremacy, and Capture & Protect. I will have scenario packets printed up the day of the event for everyone, but I recommend reviewing the scenarios in depth to plan your 2 lists. ... ason10.pdf

We will not be using any extra rules for these missions. For prize support, we have a Season 10 prize kit laying around that will be used, as well as store credit given as additional prize support. Pizza will be provided between rounds 1 and 2 and is included in your registry fee. Please notify me of any dietary restrictions, accommodations will be made.

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