Annual 131 Holiday Party December 8th, 2018

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Annual 131 Holiday Party December 8th, 2018

Postby Inquisitor Wall » Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:24 pm

Join us for our annual holiday party on December 8th from noon to 8 at Off the Wall Games. The holiday party will consist of:
Iron Painter Quarter 4 prize drawing (All participants who received tickets during October through December will be eligible to win)
Painting contest: Free to enter, choose a model that you have painted that has not been entered in one of our club's previous painting contests to enter into one of four categories (Novice, Journeyman, Master, Large (bigger than 50mm base). Prizes will be awarded to each category.
Shadespire tournament: 3 rounds, 1:30 minute rounds. Free to enter, prizes from a Q1 Nightvault kit -shardglass trophy is not included.
Game demos including Fallout, Vanguard, Shadespire
Holiday themed story encounters for Kill Teams, Malifaux, Warmachine.
Hourly raffle prizes (there will be 8 $25.00 giftcards that will be raffled off over the course of the day) Tickets will be given to players for the following activities:
2 Tickets for renewing club membership at or before the holiday party.
2 Tickets for bringing food to share with others.
1 Ticket for participating in the painting competition.
1 Ticket for participating the Shadespire tournament.
1 Ticket for participating in a game demo or playing a story encounter.

The club will also be providing pizza for lunch.
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