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Post by Ankaru » Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:17 pm

I've been thinking a lot about making an army in 40k of nothing but grots. They are a viable force in fantasy games, and we know they are able to build and pilot vehicles in 40k.

Now I know they are extremely weak and their models are not well suited to conversions, nor do they have any other weapon options beyond grot blasters.

I was considering a Dreadmob list with allied codex orks to get artillery grots. As for HQ, I'm not sure what to go for. Perhaps I could try to build a grot exo suit that is the proper size and shape for a mek or boss. Such a heavy suit of armor would certainly add extra toughness, considering that bullets would mostly impact the suit and not the pilot.

I know an all grot list is pretty much the worst ever given the limitations and such. But they are very full of character and I just really like the models.
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