The New OTW and requests

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The New OTW and requests

Postby Jadam » Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:53 pm

Hi all! Welcome to the new Off The Wall Games! We are now 99% moved in and are ready to have all of you descend on us for a night of miniature mayhem! I plan on having all my table toppers up for maximum play space, so I do not want to hear about there being no place to play!

I do have several requests concerning the upkeep of the new store.

1) If you have food or drink and are done with it, please dispose of the waste properly as we now have several trash cans in and outside the building. Please do NOT leave your drink bottles or cans under the tables for me to find, there is plenty of table space for them. When you are done, there are places to recycle or dispose of them, please use them!

2) Please do not leave your empty food containers, bags, wrappers, etc. on chairs or tables. If you are done with your food, please dispose of them properly. If you have a spill or drop something on the floor, clean it up immediately! If you need paper towels, we have them! If you do not and I find out who decided to let mommy (Me!) clean it up, I will revoke your privilege for bringing in food. My aim is to keep the store looking new and clean for as long as possible but I will not tolerate willful disregard for the space. If I discover anyone who is doing so they will be banned from the store.

3) Please keep your equipment bags either under a table, under a play table or in your car. I cannot, by the fire laws, have the aisles blocked. This also goes for chairs which you may have moved to the gaming tables. If you do move a chair to sit by your game, please, when you are done, put it back where you got it!

4) Now there is more space, please remember there will be other games going on besides any miniatures games Please be respectful of these other gamers and do not intrude on their space.

J. Adam Bailey
Owner of Off The Wall Games

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Re: The New OTW and requests

Postby Kharn » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:12 pm

Understood my lord.
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Re: The New OTW and requests

Postby whytwolf » Thu Jul 26, 2012 8:20 am

I've moved this to the announcements section of this forum so it stays visible.
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