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For any questions on the Blood of Giants campaign
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Stratagem Questions Thread

Post by Kinne » Tue Feb 02, 2010 3:22 pm

Since Carl has already asked so many questions about these, I thought it best to give the stratagems their own thread.
Kalaris wrote:#1 can a player spend their stratagems to force extra rolls on the weather table
No. Weather is rolled for, not chosen. Praying really hard to the Emperor cannot actually change the weather.
#2 Objective Stratagems that a player takes, (such as ammo storage etc) if they are captured by the enemy can they use them?
Again, no. I'll edit the objective description to reflect this. Only the owning player (and not his allies) can use them. See the next answer for a rules clarification on this.
#3 do Objectives have to be a certain distance away from eachother? Logically a player could take 3 objective stratagems and place them touching eachother, if the game is non-killpoint, then in capture & control games they are at 4-1 pts.
There is no minimum distance. However, the intent of having objective stratagems count as an objective was more balance them out. The rules will be changed to reflect this intent. "Objective Stratagems will count as a bonus objective or kill point if captured by your opponent, so be sure to defend them! However, if you control them at the end of the game, you gain no additional bonus. This is to prevent players from choosing three objective stratagems and placing them all safely in their deployment zone, to automatically win games. Also note that your opponent cannot benefit from your objective stratagems. If captured, they cease to work as long as your opponent has control. If you recapture them later, however, they can be used again."
#4 I'm guessing Confusion Reigns should have the wording of "a word in your ear" where if it is a vehicle the owning player gets to choose facing.
Yes. It will be altered to reflect this.
#5 Traps, it does not specify you can place these in your deployment zone, so you can place these anywhere?
The original wording on this mentioned that they had to be placed outside of your opponent's deployment zone. It will be altered to reflect this.
#6 Do you think Krak Attack and Lost in the snow are a little unfair against armies that have no choice but to enter play from reserves and with deepstrike? There is no reason not to take them every time against our 3 daemon players. (well you can't take lost in the snow every time but a 17% chance of losing the game before a model is put down is kinda harsh) Especially since to everyone else its a minor inconvenience, and have the choice to not do it. Similarly does it stack with master of the fleet's ability meaning you'd only get reserves on second turn on a then decreasing to 6+ , 5+ , 4+ , 3+ , 2+ , Auto
Krak Attack is actually a Planetstrike stratagem, where the overwhelming majority of units will be entering via Deep Strike. As such it will not be changed. Concerning Lost in the Snow, there's a minor chance of that being in effect. Daemons may be vulnerable to this weather effect, however ranged combat armies will be more vulnerable to something like an Avalanche, as they tend to deploy and remain close to a board edge. However, the Master of the Fleet ability will not stack, as the same factors which make it difficult for a unit to deep strike make it difficult if not impossible for the master of the fleet to detect incoming enemies and prevent them from arriving.
#7 Frost daemons, it says they enter play off a piece of snow covered or natrual terrain feature as if summoned lesser daemons from the Chaos Space marine codex, This means they can assault the turn they enter correct?

Also can we use proxies for frost daemons, and I'm guessing they count as daemons for the purposes of Daemonhunter special rules, LASTLY 25mm bases correct?
Yes to the first portion. The only difference between how they enter play and how regular Summoned Lesser Daemons do is that they use terrain instead of icons. You can use proxies with your opponent's permission, although they do not have to feel the least bit pressured to do so. They do count as Daemons for the purposes of interacting with Daemonhunters. And yes, they should be mounted on 25mm round bases.
#8 Avalanche, if an avalanche is triggered, do you stop rolling, or continue to roll each turn anyway, you could trigger up to 7? = that'd be awesome.
Yes, an avalanche may be triggered at the beginning of any turn, so there could be a total of seven avalanches in a seven-turn game. Such is the risk of firing big guns in the mountains!
#9 Freezing flood, same question, do you get multiple freezing floods?
No, there can only be one Freezing Flood per game. Additionally, another sentence was accidentally removed that players should count all terrain as Difficult for the following turn. This sentence will be added back in.
#10 Back to Krak Attack, if a unit arrives via drop pod or spore, does the Krak attack target the vessel, the unit of the players choosing, or both?
Since the Drop Pod or Spore is the one actually entering via Deep Strike, only the transport would be struck.
#11 How does Icy River affect models with no armor save? Do they get to pass freely?
Yes. It will be added that units attempting to Run whilst on a Frozen River must take a Dangerous Terrain Test.
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