Da Roolz (Read 'em, ya gitz!)

For any questions on the Blood of Giants campaign
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Da Roolz (Read 'em, ya gitz!)

Post by Kinne » Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:34 am

This board is for asking questions that deal with the Blood of Giants winter campaign. As such, please keep all off-topic posts elsewhere. Another important thing to note is that, in most cases, rules questions should be handled by the majority, as the rule creators can't be immediately reached for questions. However, as the campaign rules here have been edited and designed by the club officers, and we are available to answer questions, please, all questions should be answered by club officers.

While we ordinarily encourage input from others, please don't respond to questions with your opinion on what the answer should be. We want to keep answers as cohesive, coherent and clear as possible (unlike some FAQs we've all read), so leave the answers to the guys running this.

Do feel free to post up a question thread if you feel that a campaign rule is seriously flawed. If you find something that gives one army a massive advantage, please, let us know. But once we have addressed and answered such concerns, please don't bring it up again.
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