Campaign Feedback

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Campaign Feedback

Post by Kinne » Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:52 pm

Okay, with the campaign over, it's time to look back and see what people liked, what peopled didn't like, what to do in the future and what not to do. So please, even if you signed up for the campaign and didn't get any games in, let us know what you thought.

Obviously, there were two major issues. The first was the forums exploding, which I apologize again for. And second, three snowstorms on Wednesday nights definitely limited people's ability to get in and play on those days. Even if these were your two major reasons for not playing, please let me know! Remember that feedback helps for the future, so please just take a moment.
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Re: Campaign Feedback

Post by Greywolf » Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:59 pm

I had a great time! All of my games, win or loss, were fun filled and against great opponents. While I was kind of looking forward to it, I think scrapping the mid point Epic battle was a good idea especially with the weather issues. I really liked bringing the Base Camp crew on board and it made it easier to get some games in having a second venue to game at for the campaign. Would definitely like to see an invite to them for anything like this in the future as well. While I don't think it hindered the fun of this event, it was obvious the club could use some more diverse terrain. I highly recommend purchasing the river set that OTW has. A few more things such as the hills and such to vary things up would be good as well. All in all, I think given the set backs with the forums and the stat tracker, it turned out really good and I look forward to the next one! :twisted:
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Re: Campaign Feedback

Post by Inquisitor Wall » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:13 pm

I agree with Jeff on the lack of diverse terrain and fully support a river. As far as the campaign goes, I think it was really fun, and enjoyed bringing out the Dark Eldar.
My only thought for a change would be the idea of stratagems, and advantages for each side. I really didnt pay attention for what was available as far as that went, and I saw that a fair number of other people didnt either. My suggestion would be to decrease the options, and say "if you are playing here this is the cult advantage and this is the alliance advantage". It would make things easier, and could be altered based on who has control of other maps sections.

Also, I am a visual person and would have really enjoyed a visually changing map (like the one bob made for his Warmachine campaign.)

I thank those of you that put this together, and it seemed to run pretty well. Im still bummed about having to miss out on the final battle.
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Re: Campaign Feedback

Post by Kalaris » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:19 pm

Ok brutally honest 'er we go.

Things I liked:

Planetstrike mega-battle with the tables effecting eachother, and the outcome effecting first week's game, was pretty cool.

The dice are very nice, I am proud of my set.

I liked the sides thing, if it wasn't for forum meltdown, we started to have a sense of community in the cult boards.

I liked all the storyline and effort that was obviously put in to it.

Things I didn't like, appologizing now for all the hurt feelings I'm about to cause
  1. I think there was an over-estimation on how many games were going to get played, map control was just staggeringly difficult to take, (_ SEEMLINGLY _) because cult had to win basically 2:1 x 10 alliance to "wrestle" an area away.
  • Strategems, weather, multiple locations:

    Most players, did not use strategems or weather by week 4, some quit sooner.

    While fluffy and cool, it made the whole thing very cumbersome, to look up what territory we were in during a game, and pick strategems based on that territory, etc etc.

    Weather effects were horribad.

    A weather effect did not effect all armies the same, In my game against charlie I rolled approaching absolutely zero (-1 Armor save) which I told him we aren't using cause I would of effortlessly murdered him, similarly lost in the snow, made us daemon players very angry, as we did not have an option to NOT deepstrike.

    I think if you ran something like this again, I'd suggest a single approach, instead of 3, had I realized it worked the way it did I'd of just had all cult players attack the southern woods, then the northern woods, ignoring the rest of the areas.

  • An the point.

    Something I realized last week, no matter what happened throughout the whole campaign or how much butt was kicked of the emperor's servants, because they won the megabattle, or defended or whatever, everything we did was pointless, like wise if we had won, then everything we did was pointless up till that point, the whole thing kinda felt like a GM railroad, no matter what we did for 6 weeks the result was basically going to be the same.

    I think having a script written out before the first day, taking us all the way to the end was a mistake, I personally felt like there was nothing at stake.
I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm just pointing out the things I didn't like,

I wanna thank you for the work you did put in (and for those of you who don't know there was moer then you saw, he's been working on it for 6 months) but I think it was still just a touch complicated for its own good.

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Re: Campaign Feedback

Post by Dez » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:41 pm

Between the weather and myself and my family being sick, I didn't get in NEARLY as many games as I wanted to. I even tried to cram in 2 games before the end, and circumstances prevented that as well. In essence, I wasn't able to play a lot of games and I didn't see a lot of Cult players getting into games either. That made it really hard to get anywhere in the campaign. In essence, I feel like I let my side down because I wanted to play a lot of games and smash faces (I did win 3 and draw 1).

I think we got so excited, we may have over complicated things. I know Kinne put a TON of work into this, and we could have made it even more complicated (and almost did). I think this is what happens when veteran gamers want to put a spin on things. But we also made it OK just to play regular games, so in the end I suppose that it doesn't amount to a lot but time spent brainstorming and preparing.

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Re: Campaign Feedback

Post by Grandmaster marc » Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:08 pm

it was very fun (even known i lost every battle) i liked the apoc. battle alot, but i thought the planet strike battle was kinda 1 sided. at the big table i thought the fortification set up was bad because my friend who was at that table said they where being assulted by turn 2. All of the other fortification set ups where pretty even.

i got some good tips out of the games too like steve nagging me to get more transports

and i still want to redeem my self aginst carl because i know the one mistake i made that is how i lost and its bothering me.

all in all it was fun
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Re: Campaign Feedback

Post by orkwarboss » Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:34 pm

I enjoyed reading all the posts b4 it went boom. I had a blast at the APOC game at the end. My bowling league really hurt me playing more games than I perhaps should have.

Perhaps next year I wont bowl so I can play more 40k
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