Campaign Update (03/05) -- The Sky is Falling!

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Campaign Update (03/05) -- The Sky is Falling!

Post by Kinne » Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:55 pm

The war raged on across the surface of Jotunfjell, but the fighting seemed oddly subdued. Overconfident Imperial commanders convinced themselves it was a result of their own superiorities of position and firepower; that they had broken the enemy’s back and destroyed their will to fight. More cautious commanders feared some diabolical plot, or the withdrawal of forces to concentrate them in one area for a breakthrough. Yet evidence could not be found for either case. It was beginning to be commonly believed that a month of pitched warfare had exhausted the enemy’s forces. After all, their tactics had clearly changed from hurling wave after wave of expendable forces at heavily fortified positions to more coordinated, concentrated attacks on perceived weak spots in the line. As it turned out, their fears were correct.

Frustrated to the point of rage, Toegnasha had several times berated and killed many of his subordinates. Promotion in the ranks of Toegnasha’s waaagh came quickly, but were often accompanied with a crushed skull. Still, the mighty warboss would not be denied his prize. Returning to his fleet in orbit, he hatched a devious plan. He had been making attempts for weeks to subdue the mighty void shields that protected the city with orbital bombardments, cloaking his more powerful vessels amid a host of the more expendable ones to defend them from the massive anti-orbital cannons of the enemy. The shields held. Toegnasha was convinced that they would not hold against his latest plan.

In orbit of the planet, the massed enemy fleet gathered close together, and made a run for the position above Jotunheim. As expected, the anti-orbital batteries opened up, hurling massive shells into the air. The roar of the batteries was loud enough to shake the ground kilometers away. Their fire annihilated entire squadrons with their fury, but the ferocious warboss cared not. When the flotilla had reached high orbit, the ships peeled off in all directions, like some horrible flower opening its petals, and from the center emerged a massive chunk of rock and steel. The ork vessel was little more than an asteroid that had been bored into and equipped with crude weapons and engines, but it would be more than effective in this case. When it struck the atmosphere, fire rippled along its length, and much of its front was instantaneously vaporized from the heat. It became a giant ball of fire falling from the sky, aimed crudely at the city itself.

The anti-orbitals simply could not reload fast enough to target the new threat, despite the panicked efforts of their crews. The rock was so massive that despite its incredible velocity, it seemed to approach with a ponderous grace. Once in range, the anti-aircraft guns all around the city opened fire, hurling bolts of energy and solid rounds into a target so large it was impossible to miss. It was a useless gesture, however, as the asteroid was simply too massive.

With a mighty thunderclap, the rock struck the void shields, causing them to ripple like a massive bubble. For a brief moment, it seemed as though the shield would hold. Countless millions of eyes watched, some hoping it would hold, some that it would pop. The shields buckled inward, and with another great thunderclap, they gave out. Massive explosions swept through the mountains as generators exploded, vaporizing the defensive guns around them. The asteroid continued on its course.

Most of its momentum had been stopped by contact with the shields and the firing of the rock’s engines, but something of that size falling from a few hundred feet still carried with it the fury of an entire fleet. Millions within the city screamed in terror and fled in vain. The asteroid landed with a terrible quaking. Buildings miles from the point of contact nonetheless toppled and fell, cast down by the shuddering earth. Untold numbers died, both within the rock and without. Great clouds of dust and debris were cast up in all directions, temporarily coating the city in darkness. When the great rumbling subsided, an eerie silence fell; everyone was too shocked or too stunned to do or say anything. Unseen behind curtains of dust and ash, hatches on the rock popped open, and a horde of orks, their brains still scrambled from the impact, stumbled free of the beached craft and strode into the city.

Above the planet, taking advantage of the turmoil and confusion caused by the asteroid’s fall, the fleet regrouped, dropping drop ships and deathclaw drop pods in their thousands, committing the remainder of the warboss’s forces directly into the fight. They would take the city or they would all perish in the attempt.

As of today, the city itself will be an active map section (the map should be updated this weekend). No stratagems or special rules. Just battle each other and bloody the streets of Jotunheim!
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