Silent Pass Falls! -- Campaign Update (02/19)

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Silent Pass Falls! -- Campaign Update (02/19)

Post by Kinne » Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:56 am

Hordes of orks stormed into the pass east of Jotunheim, but they crashed up against a wall of steel and flesh, their momentum ground to a halt. Anywhere the Cult attempted to push through the gap, they were met with the full might of the Alliance. Their progress was measured in inches daily, buckets of blood spilled for every foot gained. Kilometers behind the main line, Imperial engineers were building a wall of entrenchments, though from all appearances it may prove unnecessary.

To the south, things were not going so well for the defenders. Despite carefully laid ambushes and piling up the bodies of their enemies, the Alliance was steadily losing ground. What started as a thin string of enemy troops sitting precariously on the edge of the Emperor's Leap, but wave after wave of reinforcements stretched the line further and further to the north, pushing the defenders closer to the Higelac River and the border to the northern woods.

Things were no worse than in Silent Pass. Early efforts had been made to establish defensive positions, but they were quickly overrun. Reinforcements were rushed up to hold the enemy back, but they fell just as quickly. It seemed as though every effort to stop the advance into the read of the Alliance position would be for naught. As the last of the defender positions were overrun, Inquisitor Kyne and Commissar K'lell decided upon a desperate course of action. The few surviving troops in the pass were ordered to make a fighting withdrawal, but both men knew they would never make it. A single flight of Marauder super-heavy bombers left the spaceport in Jotunheim and flew up into the mountains. Each delivered a massive atomic payload, simultaneously vaporizing every last warrior in the easternmost end of the pass, and sealing it off with countless tons of rubble. The thread was eliminated.

Or so the defenders thought.

Deep under the mountains of Jotunfjell, in the endless deep of the mines, the surviving Cult forces clawed their way into the darkness, scrabbling through the shadows, desperately seeking a new way to approach the city.

Eastern Approach - 83%
Southern Woods - 56%
Silent Pass - Fallen!
The Mines - 100%
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