Reporting Your Games and Degree of Victory

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Reporting Your Games and Degree of Victory

Post by Kinne » Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:41 am

Howdy again folks. This was, unfortunately, overlooked when I was inundating you all with information. When you go to report your battles, you need to determine Degree of Victory. This is pretty easy, just use the following guidelines. Also, be sure to note that if you randomly roll for a Take and Hold mission, and either player uses objective stratagems, treat it as a Seize Ground mission instead.

Annihilation Mission
Massacre - You have four more Kill Points than your opponent (if your opponent scores no Kill Points, you must score at least four for a Massacre)
Major Victory - You have two more Kill Points than your opponent (if your opponent scores no Kill Points, you must score at least two for a Major Victory)
Minor Victory -You must have at least one more Kill Point than your opponent.
Draw - You and your opponent both have the same number of Kill Points.

Take and Hold Mission (Two Objectives)
Massacre - You control both objectives.
Major Victory - You control one objective, AND have at least one Troop unit within 3" of the other objective.
Minor Victory - You control one objective and your opponent does not control the other.
Draw - You and your opponent each control one objective OR both objectives are contested OR neither you nor your opponent control either objective.

Seize Ground Mission
Massacre - You control four more objectives than your opponent OR control all of the objectives (if there are less than four).
Major Victory - You control two more objectives than your opponent.
Minor Victory - You control more objectives than your opponent.

Note that if you "table" or wipe out your opponent, it's not necessarily an automatic massacre. In an annihilation mission, you still total up the number of kill points. After all, slaughtering every last enemy solider is still a minor victory if you only have one man left yourself.

For Capture and Control and Seize Ground missions, this is how it should be handled -- the surviving player may play through the remaining turns of the game, moving and running as normal. Still use random game length to determine when it ends (you should let your opponent roll, as a consolation for getting tabled). Determine how many objectives you control normally at the end of the game. This means that your opponent could be tabled, but before dying he could kill all of your Troops units, meaning you are unable to hold any objectives and the game would end in a draw.
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