Warmachine and Hordes Boot Camp

For those of you who like to "Play like you've got a pair."
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Warmachine and Hordes Boot Camp

Post by Kharn » Tue Aug 11, 2015 7:18 pm

Do you have a caster combo you want to try out?
Do you have problems playing certain Armies?
Is their that Scenario that you always struggle against?

I have the one thing that can fix that issue. Warmachine/Hordes Boot Camp! Every Saturday starting in September, stop by and get some practice against other players from the area looking to better themselves at the game of Warmachine and Hordes

When: Saturdays at 1pm (Except when we have our Tournaments)
Time: 1pm until
Cost: Free
Requirements: Two 50 point lists (You will play these all month)
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