Stage 1 - In progess

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Stage 1 - In progess

Post by Minihorde » Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:52 pm

Stage 1

Sup ppl!! on to stage 1, I'll keep everyone updated on the progress here.

Goal is to allow the commish to create the league schedule. allow managers to create their teams and report on games played. deadline for this stage is Oct 28.

1. Setup domain - - DONE

2. Commish interface - create league, create schedule, team and played admin,

3. setup logos for teams - If you want a custom logo for you team please send it to me in a white background with a size of 192 x 192 pixels. if you don't care I'll assign a default logo to your team. send logos to

4. Manager interface - create team, customized team schedule, report games

5. General site design - This will be simple, unless we get a graphic designer then we can make it look pretty.

6.Approved races page - here you can see all of the approved Races for the PVBBL

7. Roster interface - upgrade your guyz, buy new players, fire players, send players to waiver wire

if there something you think should be work on @ this stage and is not listed let me know and i'll add it

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