PVBBL Site Development

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PVBBL Site Development

Post by Minihorde » Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:06 pm

DA Boarz management declare the year of the ROOKIE! We be sponsoring prizes for Season 6

Android tablet $99 value - You'll need to report all of your games to be eligible. The site will make this very easy so everyone should qualify… except Boarz… screw them guyz.

$60 Bloodbowl team - Goes to rookie of the year! if rookie of the year winz the tablet then it goes to rookie of the year runner up. (Jay lets talk about this later)

New Website Development

Stage 0

-Podcast site - (DONE)

Stage 1

-Commish interface - create league, create schedule ect
-Manager interface - create team, customized team schedule, report games
-general site design
-approved teams page
-Roster interface - upgrade your guyz, buy new players, fire players, waiver wire

Stage 2
-finish approved teams
-podcast report - after all games have been reported the site will send a “podcast” report to jim -johnson and john jimson ( I FUUUUCKING HATE THESE GUYZ!!!)
-PVBBL Iron bank - lend money to other players, bet on games.
-odds interface for podcasters --- ( AAAAARGGGGGHHHHH I wish they played bloodbowl)

if you want to help i need the following

-data entry dudez and girlz
-A graphic designer to make custom logos for teams and the site! this would be awesome!
-beta testers to test new features

I’ll keep everyone updated here

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