Star Wars Book to get started

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Re: Star Wars Book to get started

Post by Kowal » Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:51 pm

I'll second (third? fourth? I can't keep up anymore) with the Thrawn trilogy. Timothy Zahn writes classic Star Wars cheese without it feeling cheesy, for the most part. In between the Zahn books and the movies is set Truce at Bakura, which was a good read. I believe it was the Jedi Academy trilogy that came after Zahn, and I remember that being a good read as a youngster but I have doubts about how well it would hold up.

Whatever you do, avoid the contemptible horror that is Darksaber. Easily the most poorly written book I've ever read.
This just goes to show: No matter how stupid and useless a weapon may look to you, some guy in Asia with too much time on his hands has figured out how to use it to kill five ninjas.

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