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Event Forum Guidelines...

Post by Greywolf » Fri Dec 11, 2009 8:15 pm

This forum is designed to be a resource for the spreading of information on events run by The 131 or by other individuals in the surrounding area. As such, we ask that you only reply to threads in this forum if your intent is to sign up for said events. To sign up, simply reply and post your name and your intent to participate. Each event's post will have a link to a second thread for the event in another forum where you can post any questions, comments, concerns, etc. And be mindful that events run by other groups may not utilize these forums for signups, so be sure that the thread is being used as a sign up sheet. There may also be additional instructions for signups (such as pre-paid entry fees, army list submission, etc.). These would be clearly stated in the original post.

That being said...sign up for our events and have a heck of a time! :twisted:
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