Adversary Tasks

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Adversary Tasks

Post by Bjorn » Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:19 pm

Adversary tasks
Once per mission, you can earn an extra point by achieving a specific goal against them. At the meeting when we begin using the next mission, you will draw from a deck of cards each round to determine what your special adversary objective is.

If you cannot complete it at least once, and want to hold on to the mission for another week, you may opt to keep it for one extra week.

If you are not in attendance at the meeting for that week, I will draw a card for you.

Everyone's Adversary Tasks will be posted here (comments below) by week, in case you forget. But remember -- you only get credit for them if your partners you did, and if you both tag it on the reporting ticket.


Ace Red
  • Kill a psyker. If they do not field a psyker, your psyker must live through the battle. If neither of you field a psyker, you may gain this by nominating one of your nonvehicle units to be a latent psyker, and your opponent may do the same, before the mission starts. In this case, you must keep yours alive AND kill theirs.
Ace Black
  • Choose one Heavy Support unit as a demolitions expert team. Your opponent nominates one terrain piece that is not in either deployment zone. If your demolitions expert team can end a turn in base-to-base contact with that terrain piece, it is removed at the start of your following turn. If you have no Heavy Support choices, you may choose an infantry troop unit. If you have no Infantry troop units, you may choose another infantry unit. If your army has no infantry units, you may choose one Bike unit or Lord of War, which will reduce its movement speed by half.
King Red
  • The commander is too great an asset. Terminate them. Kill their warlord before round 4 in an attempt to erode their morale.
King Black
  • The despicable leader of the other army has personally insulted you. Have your warlord enter into melee combat with your opponent's warlord.
Queen Red
  • One of your opponent’s units is highly resistant to psychic energy. Opponent chooses one non-daemon non-HQ unit. It is unable to use any psychic powers or interact with the warp in any way, but it gains the ability to resist psychic powers (they may attempt to Deny the Witch with a -1 penalty). Slay this unit to investigate this curious power.
Queen Black
  • Nominate one Elite unit to be the carrier of a device that attracts warp energy. If a unit carrying the Warp Magnet enters into combat, it passes the device to the enemy unit. If it is killed in combat, the winner now holds the Warp Magnet. If the unit holding the Warp Magnet is killed via shooting, or leaves the table, it is passed to the next closest unit, friend or foe. Make sure an enemy unit is holding the Warp Magnet at the end of the game.
Jack Red
  • One of your units must get a message across the battlefield. Choose one unit with a movement speed less than 8 to carry the message. They must leave the table by your opponent’s deployment edge.
Jack Black
  • Place a building in the center of the board. Within this building is a code. If one of your units can occupy this building, they can learn the code. If this unit can then bring that code to an objective before they are routed or killed, you will receive specific intel you will need later.
10 Red
  • Preparation and perspiration win the day. Stay in your own deployment zone until at least the beginning of round 3.
10 Black
  • A wide formation casts a broad net. Have at least one unit in each table quarter during any one round.
9 Red
  • Your commander has learned of a spy (or, for tyranids, an aberration that cannot connect properly to the hivemind) in your own ranks, and is committed to executing him/her/it. Your opponent chooses an infantry model in your army (write it on a piece of paper) to be the spy. If that model is ever in a unit that has at least one model within 6” of your commander, he will execute that model (remove it from play).
9 Black
  • You have placed a spy in your opponent’s army. Choose one infantry model in a unit of at least 5 models that has not been upgraded or been given any special equipment. Write down on a slip of paper exactly which model it is (what unit, and what they look like). The spy will defect to your army and join your unit if you can get a unit close enough to retrieve them (4"), when their unit is at less than half of its starting strength. Make the spy defect to your army, and keep them alive for the remainder of the battle
8 Red
  • There is wisdom in preparation, and learning about your foes before re-engaging with them. In a combat, withdraw from the fight, and regroup to fight again.
8 Black
  • There is strength in numbers, particularly in the long run. During a mission, lose fewer models than your opponent does in the first three rounds.
7 Red
  • One of their vehicles is carrying demolition charges that they expect to use on your facilities if they can push forward. Eliminate that vehicle. They choose which one it is. If it is destroyed, it explodes an additional d6 in distance. If there are no vehicles in their list, a biker or jet/jump unit may be used. If they have nothing but infantry, an infantry unit may be used. In either case, when that unit is destroyed it gains the vehicle "explodes" rule as per normal
7 Black
  • There is a bomb set to explode at one of the objectives (roll randomly). If you can get a Heavy Support unit in contact with this bomb, you can dismantle it to achieve this objective. If any other unit claims that objective first, it may detonate (roll a d6, on a 1 it explodes, doing d6 S3 wounds to every unit within 6”). If by the beginning of round 5 it has not been defused, it will detonate on its own.
6 Red
  • One of your Heavy Support units in this mission cannot move, but gains the ability to shoot each of its weapons at twice the normal rate (meaning that units who already have the ability to shoot a weapon twice, such as a Leman Russ's turret weapon, would in fact shoot four times). If they are able to kill two troop choices from range, they gain a point.
6 Black
  • One of your Fast Attack units has become hindered. During deployment, place them so that part of the unit is no more than 8” from the exact center of the table. They may shoot at anything within range of the unit, and may declare overwatch, but may not move or charge. If they are in base-to-base contact with a friendly unit at the start of your movement phase in any round, they may thereafter move at half-speed. They must survive the battle.
5 Red
  • Reconnaissance can help planning for the future. Have one unit visit each of the four table quarters, finishing a round in each quarter.
5 Black
  • A building or foliage that your opponent has occupied may have some clues as to a chemical signature you have been investigating -- occupy a terrain structure that your opponent has previously occupied
4 Red
  • Not all wars are won by attacking senselessly. Avoid entering into melee until round 3.
4 Black
  • Nothing worth it was won without a fight -- aggressiveness promotes success. By the end of round 2, have no non-building units remaining in your deployment zone.
3 Red
  • Something is wrong with your opponent’s soldiers -- they have become infected by the gray plague. Eliminate all opposing models that do not have at least 3 colors of paint on them.
3 Black
  • Names have power. Get your opponent to say the name of your faction during the battle.
2 Red
  • One of their units has stolen an important item from you. Eliminate that unit. The opponent chooses the unit, and attempts to leave the board via your deployment edge
2 Black
  • A strategically valuable type of crystal grows on this planet that grows in hard to reach places. Place numbered slips of paper (1, 2, etc., not repeating an number and using as many as you need for each objective in the mission) under each objective. Choose a number before the game begins -- reveal each number when a unit claims the objective for the first time. Claim that number before your opponent does.
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