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Escalation -- 6-12 to 8-21

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 4:16 pm
by Bjorn
(Copied from the Facebook group)

Summer Grow League -- if you want to start a new army, if you want a painting challenge, or if you just want to chew through your backlog via some external motivation, this is an event for you!

By the end of the summer, if you stay with the schedule, you will play 25 games of 40k (or more), and assemble and paint a new 1500-point army.

6-12 we meet, get our plans down, and play a small (500 point) game to get things rolling. Then, starting the next week, we add 250 points and paint 300 during each 2-week stretch, with accompanying missions.

Each bi-weekly, points will be given for play, for painting goals, and for an "adversary goal" picked randomly for that mission set. Games can be played at any time, but Club Nights will be a great time to get in a game and touch base.

$10 to buy in, which turns into prize money by the end of the league, split among high scores and painting achievements.

* 6-12 we check in our armies -- 500 points of unpainted models. Anyone unable to attend will get caught up with me later. We Draw Adversary tasks, go over scoring and reporting. We go over Mission 1 and play it at 500 points this week, at least one time. (this week, if you play a game you get 2 points as a flat rate, just to get us started)

* 6-19 We go over Mission 2 and play at 500 points. Early-done painters can check in their models for set 1

* 6-26 we add 250 points of unpainted models, and the first 300 points of paint are due. We play Mission 2 at 750 points this week.

* 7-3 We go over Mission 3, played at 750 points this week

* 7-10 We add 250 points and play Mission 3 at 1000 points. Paint check: 600 points of painted models

* 7-17 We go over Mission 4, play at 1000 points this week

* 7-24 We add 250 points and play Mission 4 at 1250 points. Paint check: 900 points of painted models

* 7-31 We go over Mission 5, and play at 1250 points this week

* 8-7 We add 250 points and play Mission 5 at 1500 points. Paint check: 1200 points of painted models

* 8-14 We go over Mission 6, at 1500 points this week. (note: this week will be only 2 plays)

* 8-21 Finale -- we play mission 6 with a surprise twist. This will be used for final challenge games and tiebreakers. Final paint is due at 1500 points. Scores will be updated and awards given. Voting for best painted force also held.

Re: Escalation -- 6-12 to 8-21

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 12:38 pm
by Bjorn
- Missions written
- Adversary goals written
- reporting tickets printed

So... an idea of what the league will be like...

The painting comes out to about 150 points per week, checked every other week. We will do a "best painted" of the week nomination when we present our first batch of painted units.

The missions are staggered, so that each mission (save first and last) will be played at two different points levels

The missions are adaptations of the Eternal War missions, with some slight story added in. (if players like this kind of thing, i wrote a narrative campaign complete with missions and weekly fluff back in 7th edition that i'm willing to run next year)

The expectation is that at least one week during the summer might be compromised -- people go on vacation, families do things, etc. And we all have the potential to do them at different times. Thus... to keep the scoring fair... each mission can be played 5 times to count for you and another player's league results. Your score for that mission will be based off of your three highest attempts. If you are gone for a week, you might just play one of the points-levels, and that's fine. Ideally, everyone will play each missions at the two different points-levels at least once or twice.

Scores: (edit: moved to its own subheading)

Next Friday, i will post the first mission.