Some reminders as Week 1 continues

This area is for posting updates to the Spring 2019 Kill Team leauge.
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Some reminders as Week 1 continues

Post by Verbena76 » Thu May 02, 2019 2:58 pm


First off, thanks very much for the enthusiastic responses to our stab at a Kill Team league.

Second, I'd like to take the opportunity to make a change to the league rules, post a helpful reminder, touch on reporting, and do a quick run-down on who's actually playing!

Jeremy and I are changing how adding models to a Kill Team works. From your first game on, just follow the rules outlined on page 203 of the Kill Team Core Manual. In essence, you may freely add new models to your kill Team, as long as you use said models in your next game. There is no upper limit on how many models/points your command roster may be.

Command Points
Just a quick reminder about Command Points and point differences between Kill Team Force. As outlined on page 64 of the Kill Team Core Manual, for every full 10 points a Kill Team's Force is higher than the other, the player with the lower Force gains one bonus Command Point in the first turn (and only the first turn!) of the game.

Reporting Games
For the sake of what little sanity Jeremy and I have still remaining, please report your games here on the forums. You can either post on the relevant mission post (so week 1 would go under the Mission 1: Geist post) or if you wish, you may create and maintain a post for your specific Kill Team, such as Kevin and Josh have done. You may post/share your rosters as you wish, but we trust you (well, most of you) to be honest in your point totals.

League Players
To the best of my knowledge, the list below is who is participating in the league and what faction they are playing. If you have not paid the $5 entry fee to Off The Wall, please do so as those fees go to prize support. If someone is missing (or I completely blanked on your chosen faction!) let them/me know.

Jeremy D: Adeptus Mechanicus
Allan J: Heretic Astartes (Night Lords)
Kevin W: Servants of the Abyss (Black Legion)
Steve B: Drukhari
Shawn C: T’au Empire
Charlie C: T’au Empire (Farsight Enclaves)
Paul S: Astra Militarum (Tempestus Scions)
Mark H: Necrons
Garrett S: Grey Knights
Drew T: Deathwatch
Joshua G: Astra Militarum
Samuel W: Harlequins
Adrian R: Adeptus Astartes (Space Wolves)

Thanks all!


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