Iron Painter Rules

This section contains the rules, and monthly submissions for the Iron Painter 2018 competition.
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Iron Painter Rules

Post by WildBorr » Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:53 am

Starting in June, the 131 gaming club will be hosting an Iron Painter Competition!

Every month, participants will receive raffle tickets based for painting their models. Entry is $5 per person, and carries over as long as you continue to participate month to month. Anyone who misses a month, will have to buy back in. The money will be going towards the prize support, as well as additional support provided by the club.

Participation is easy - every month, a post will be made on the forums (, and all participants will make a single response with either the images embedded of your finished models, or a link to an image hosting website (such as Imgur or Photo Bucket). In addition, we will create a poll every month to vote for someone to be your "Favorite of the Month". The top 3 winners will each receive an additional raffle ticket.

Only 1 model per month needs to be painted to tabletop standard to participate, and basing is not required to be counted as painted, so this is perfect for people who have much more going on in their life than some of us. The guidelines will be as follows:

1 model = 1 ticket
5 models = 2 tickets
12 models = 3 tickets
25 models = 4 tickets

In addition, larger models will be given more weight as they take more time and effort to paint. A standard 25-30mm based model counts as a single model. 40mm counts as two models, 50mm counts as three, and 60mm and up counts as 5.

The raffle drawings will be made at each of the major parties, so each drawing will include 2-3 months worth of entries. Partially painted models that are going to be finished in a month can be done, but need prior approval from a club officer before proceeding to limit any shenanigans.

Any questions, please reach out to myself or Jason Rzasa!

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