Outspost Nine Dark Age Campaign 2nd edition

For all updates, and record keeping for the Dark Age Outpost Nine winter campaign.
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Outspost Nine Dark Age Campaign 2nd edition

Post by CodenameDan » Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:27 am

Hey guys,

Outpost Nine Dark Age Campaign:

Outpost Nine was on great mining colony and Forsaken outpost buried deep in the Northern wastes. Outpost Nine was responsible for the mining and excavation of various ores and crystals that were used in the defense efforts of New Ashkelon until the entire colony’s population were utterly destroyed by a massive Hellstorm twenty years ago. Unwilling to risk the resources to reclaim it, the Council decided to write it off as a loss until a few weeks ago when a mysterious signal was received from Outpost Nine, long thought to be drained of all life and power. This signal is not just being sent by technological means, and the Council of Prevailers are not the only ones receiving it…

Using the following rules for the Outpost Nine custom campaign and the Dark Age Campaign System document and the Warlords rising grow league Players will complete a 5 session campaign for the resource rich Outpost Nine. Players will adhere to following rules during the campaign:

Outpost Nine will be won by the player who holds the most areas of Outpost Nine Via CP Each Session. In the event of a tie the player with the most overall CP will be named Warlord of Outpost Nine.

Each player will create a roster and build from that roster each session.

The Sessions will be broken into 1 week Sessions. The sessions are friday to sunday with each new week starting on friday and an extra 2 days to make up the previous week's game.The session point values and locations for each session are are:

Session 1: 300 pts Mine entrance
Session 2: 300 pts Mine entrance
Session 3: 500 pts Wasteland Outpost
Session 4: 500 pts Living Quarters
Session 5: 750 pts Forward Base

1. The Mine Entrance: Use Mountain static and random events, +25pts
2. The Wasteland Outpost: Use Generic static and random events +50pts
3. Living Quarters: Use Desolate Ruins static and random events + 50 pts
4. Forward Base: Use Desert static and random events + 25pts

The player who score's the most CP total in each session (Friday to Friday) will gain the above listed points to add to their roster.

The player who wins the first activation initiative will roll for the random events each turn. Use all random and static events listed under each category.

For each game roll for your scenario from the following chart:
1-2 - Hidden Agendas
3-4 - Destroy objective vs Secure Objective
5-6 - Marked For Death
7-8 - Scavenge Skulls
9-10 - Killing Floor
11-12 - Open The Void Road
13-14 - Slaughtering Fields
15-16 - The Champion
17-18 - Seize Ground
19-20 - Reactivate Tower

1-12 can be found in the Core rules scenario section and 13-20 Can be found in the 2016 MTI Document

Use secondary objectives as well.

Do not use CP Points from the DA Campaign document. We're using the Warlords Rising rubric for this campaign:


Base Size:
80mm=4 HP
50mm=3 HP
40mm=2 HP
30mm=1 HP.

Model Cost:
70-100 points: +1 point
105-145 points: +2 points
150-200 points: +3 points
Characters (models marked with C in availablity): +2 points
Basing +1 point/model

These will be combined for the total Session CP


***No Battlefield Weapon Platforms will be used during this campaign ***

Players will only choose 1 motivation to achieve during this campaign.

Players will use the Making A Hero rules for this campaign as well as the casualty table, I don't need to know who dies and doesn't.

Players can play up to 3 league games per session.

I will pair you every friday. 1 game will be paired you can challenge players for your other 2.

report your games in the Outpost Nine Reporting thread and your painting in the Outpost Nine Painting thread.
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