X-wing wave 9

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X-wing wave 9

Post by Inquisitor Wall » Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:57 pm

https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/n ... formation/

Ffg just posted up wave 9 of x-wing. Some pretty cool ships, but not quite as exciting as wave 8. But i guess with the new falcon and Rey i was not expecting a big wave for rebels. Scum get 2 more ships shich i think puts them equal to the other factions.

Also Ig-88 crew who gives your ship the abilities of all ig-2000 is a pretty cool concept.
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Re: X-wing wave 9

Post by Commander_Jay » Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:55 pm

The Arc fighter could be cool. It has B-Wing like stats, and maybe 4 new upgrade cards. I think it will be cool to see what the Arc can do different. But it looks like all 4 pilots are unique, which might limit it's use.

The special forces TIE could be great if you position it perfectly. They could all get two shots a turn. And Quickdraw could fire 4 times in a perfect turn.

The Protetctorate coming with 6 pilots is pretty cool. They have a near elite talent that refers to range one. And the title adds a free evade while at range one, which is amazingly powerful! And Fenn Rau looks brutal. 4 dice on attack and defense when at range one and in arc. I see him being used, a lot.

Last is the big Shadowcaster, a Lancer class. I like the hints they've dropped so far. The ace pilot can add a tractor beam token to enemies. So can the title. And the mobile fire arc is an interesting option to both limit turrets and add conditional abilities that only affect a smaller area.
And double illicit upgrades could be fun.

The hints are even more interesting. It can add debris fields? And keep tractor beam tokens for more than one round? And that IG crew member does sound cool. It will take a bit to check for all the cool combos that every scum ship could do (at least those with crew members).

And a very random note, the cardboard stat cards that go in the bases are flipped in the first photo for the scum ships. I noticed that, but didn't consider that a 2 looks like a 5, so my first reaction was that the big ship had 5 defense dice and it worried me!
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