X-Wing Card boxes? Or Foam maybe?

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X-Wing Card boxes? Or Foam maybe?

Post by Commander_Jay » Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:01 am

Looking for a system to sort X-Wing cards. Maybe into boxes with sections, or foam. I like the squares in Battle Foam, but I'd need a whole custom sheet, I think.

For Boxes, Kinne mentioned some Plano ones work well.
What shape, or size? Could I find one with many sections so I can divide them up so each type of upgrade is in a different stack?
Would the cards move around and get damaged over time? I'd like them to stay as pristine as possible.
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Re: X-Wing Card boxes? Or Foam maybe?

Post by Kinne » Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:38 pm

So with the attached pictures, the first one is my entire X-Wing Rebel collection. It's about 32 small base ships and four large. It fits into a single Battlefoam Flames of War bag (I had it left over from my foray into FoW) with room for a 3' x 3' starfield mat. The second picture is a Plano 3601 thin stowaway that holds all of the tokens and maneuver templates. Three and four are all of my upgrade cards and ship tokens that fit into a Plano 3600 with room to grow. Not pictured is another Plano 3600 that holds all 32 smaller ships. The last is some random storage box that a parent donated to my school. If you can find one, it's perfect for the bases and flight stands, large ship tokens, asteroids and obstacles, and maneuver dials.

I included picture four so you can see that the cards are almost flush with the top of the storage space. Some of my small cards are sleeved and still fit just fine. It doesn't look like they'll get squished by the lid and they don't have a ton of room to rattle around. I'd recommend sleeving them if you're worried about them rubbing up against each other.
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