Nashtah Pup Deployment

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Nashtah Pup Deployment

Post by WildBorr » Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:33 am

Me and Josh has some questions regarding how the Deploy works for the YV-666 Hound's Tooth upgrade that poops out the Z95 Headhunter, and this is what I found on the FF forums.

Nashtah Pup Deployment Rule:
Deploying the Nashtah Pup
When the YV-666 equipped with the Hound's Tooth Upgrade card is destroyed (but has not fled the battlefield), it may deploy the Nashtah Pup Pilot before it is removed from the play area. To deploy, follow these steps:
1. Declare either the front or rear guides of the Hound's Tooth.
2. Choose a maneuver on the Z-95 Headhunter maneuver dial.
3. Take the maneuver template that matches the chosen maneuver and slide the template between the declared guides on the Hound's Tooth.
4. Take the Nashtah Pup Pilot ship and place it at the opposite end of the template, sliding the rear guides of the ship into the opposite end of the template. This counts as a maneuver. If this maneuver causes Nashtah Pup Pilot to overlap an obstacle or another ship, it follows the normal rules for overlapping. If this causes a situation in which the Nashtah Pup Pilot cannot be placed in the play area, Nashtah Pup Pilot is destroyed.
5. If Nashtah Pup Pilot has not overlapped an obstacle or another ship and is not stressed, it may perform one action. It cannot attack this round.

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Re: Nashtah Pup Deployment

Post by Commander_Jay » Fri Sep 18, 2015 12:18 pm

Are those in its rules packet? (I thought they would have been).
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