Armada Wave II already announced

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Armada Wave II already announced

Postby Kinne » Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:39 am

And yes, they're going with a full-sized Star Destroyer: ... they-come/

And that SD has a LOT of dice to the front. Plus the one title card you can read, the Relentless, looks to be the one a lot of people will be using (unless the others are equally as great). It reduces the number of command dials you have to stack up, so you get your commands faster, but it doesn't reduce your command value, so you can still store three tokens.

I find it weird that the Imperial Star Destroyer is still only Command 3. It kind of makes the Victory SD look like crap.

Also, it didn't take them long to add the Falcon, Slave One and Outrider into the game.
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