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Re: orkwarboss 2012

Postby orkwarboss » Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:33 pm

I know I did some stuff in June, July, August but I cant remember what. Oh well. Heres my newest creation:

Bought the DV set when it came out. Took it home and smelled all the good smells that come with a new kit. WHAT!! Like you dont smell the insides??? Well the Term Sarg had a busted sword:
Dont know how many fallen scum or xeno one can kill with a almost busted sword so it has to go.

Step, one clippers. No I did not use saftey glasses.
Step 2,3 and 4 were increasing larger drill bits to open a hole in the hand where the sword was.

Step 5 was using a dremel on a Force Weapon that was in my bits box. Thanks to the SWC who swapped with me!!

BOOM!! Lib in Term armour from the DV set. My only problem is that I dremeled of a little too much on the force staff and I lost a little of the 'grip tape' look to it. Oh well. It was my first model work in a long time so I wont complain. I also need to make a force hood. Ideas on that??
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